Friday, February 19, 2010

Sad home truths

This post started off as a congratulatory post for the Indian team for a professional display in Kolkata. As I was reviewing some past results, I thought of doing an exercise, just of the heck of it.
A venue-wise list of Tests, ODIs and T20s staged at some major venues in India from 2007 till date.
Test - Australia 2008
Test - England 2008
ODI - Australia 2009
T20 - Sri Lanka 2009
Test - South Africa 2008
Test - England 2008 (Originally Mumbai)
ODI- West Indies 2007
T20 - Yet to host one
Test - Pakistan 2007
Test - South Africa 2010
ODI- Sri Lanka 2007
ODI- Sri Lanka 2009
T20 - Yet to host one
Test - Pakistan 2007
Test - Australia 2008
ODI - Australia 2007
ODI - England 2008
T20 - Yet to host one
Test - Sri Lanka 2009 (Brabourne)
Test - England 2006 (Wankhede)
ODI - 2006 ICC Champions Trophy (Brabourne) One among 3 venues with 5 ODIs
ODI - Australia 2007 (Wankhede)
T20 - Australia 2007
Test - Pakistan 2007
Test - Australia 2008
ODI - Australia 2009
ODI - Sri Lanka 2009
T20 - Yet to host one
OK OK Delhi is not a 'Major' venue in that sense. But that is the fault of the DDCA and not the paying public
Alright, what does the above show us that we already do not know.
The good lawyer, who until 2007 did not even have a passport, became the BCCI President in 2008. And then....
Test - Australia 2008 (Jamtha)
Test - South Africa 2010 (Jamtha)
ODI - West Indies 2007 (VCA)
ODI - Australia 2007 (VCA)
ODI - Australia 2009 (Jamtha)
ODI - Sri Lanka 2009 (Jamtha)
T20 - Sri Lanka 2009 (Jamtha)
I long for the good old '90s when the ODIs went to the Rajkot/Guwahati/Jamshedpur and the three tests were played at Eden, Chepauk and Wankhede.


  1. exactly the same thing i was discussing with som (of doosra fame) yesterday... bcci need to package test cricket well and this test has certainly shown the way...

  2. The crowd at Nagpur comprised of uniformed school-children who no doubt were ferried by their school buses. I read somewhere that an autorickshaw ride from Nagpur town to Jamtha would cost about Rs 300 one way. It is too high a price for the spectator, to come all the way and sit on concrete benches and roast under the sun. Why at all in Nagpur and Mohali where empty stands greet the players.

    The BCCI should, at least now, spare a thought for that uncomplaining animal - the Indian cricket lover.

  3. SP - Should I say "I told you so"
    Cricinfo avers

  4. if that's the case late inswing... i would like to draw your attention to this post on mine which i wrote way back on july'09... :)

  5. Hat tip for that super post SP :). It is no fun being proved right. Nothing against Nagpur or Mohali or Motera but somehow, alotting marquee Tests to empty stands is just not on.