Thursday, February 11, 2010

We knew it all along Mickey

It is known to all that Mickey Arthur is no longer the South African coach. So, when he bags a player in the Indian line up, it is not likely to be 'psychological warfare' but an honest opinion from a man who was till now an opponent.
Anyway, what Arthur says here and here is public knowledge. Just that the men who matter - Srikkanth, Dhoni, Sachin and Gary Kirsten - choose to play ostrich. Arthur goes on to talk about the need to be honest. Pigs may well be flying.

PS: The Turbanator strikes back , not at Arthur but at the doubting Thomases like me. After all, he is India's No 1 spinner.

PS 2: Ram Mahesh of 'The Hindu' gets him here. I hope this is an indicator of things to come and Bhajji is deservedly kicked out of the team for good

PS 3: The TOI is on it as well. There is some momentum now


  1. Useful links... Harbhajan's response is indicative of just how badly he is doing at the moment. Rather than acknowledge that his bowling has fallen off in the last few years, he "takes comfort" in the team management having faith in him as the only thing that matters. It has mattered, India's bowling is struggling!

    P.S: You've been blogrolled.

  2. Thanks Achettup.

    The moment he comes anywhere close to admitting anything - he will be finished. As somebody commented when Gambhir missed a test for his sister's wedding - Durby probably cannot afford to miss a test to attend his own wedding - forget his sisters'.

    What I find galling is that a person like Sachin continues to tolerate him. I find it tough to believe that anyone can stay in this Indian team without Sachin's stamp of approval. What does the Master see in this loser that he has not seen in others?